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Special options


Using the noEventListeners option allows AutoNumeric to apply formatting without adding any event listeners to an input, or any other DOM elements (that the function would accept as a parameter).
This would be useful for read-only values for instance.

// Initialize with setting up event listeners, but removing them in the same call
anElement = new AutoNumeric(domElement, 12345.789, { options }).remove(); // This is the default existing way of doing that...

// Initialize without setting up any event listeners by directly passing the special option `noEventListeners` to prevent the initial creation of those event listeners
anElement = new AutoNumeric(domElement, 12345.789, { noEventListeners: true });
In the latter case, it initializes the AutoNumeric element, except it does not add any event listeners beforehand. This means it formats the value only once and then lets the user modify it freely.


The value can then be formatted via a call to set().


AutoNumeric can initialize an <input> element with the readonly property by setting the readOnly option to true in the settings:

anElement = new AutoNumeric(domElement, 12345.789, { readOnly: true });

For more detail on how to use each options, please take a look at the detailed comments in the source code for the AutoNumeric.defaultSettings object.